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Dear Guests, 

Thank you for your time and attention. I would like to take only the necessary amount of your patience, to guide you through this website. 

The "Books" section introduces Occultosophia: A Hermetic Theoria, written in English, and three volumes of Notatki z Wiecznej Migracji (Notes from Eternal Migration: Sketches in Sacred and Profane) in Polish, respectively. This chapter provides a synopsis of each book and includes a video of Occultosophia as printed in a hardcover edition (printed on demand and requiring a direct order to me, as opposed to softcover Amazon and Ridero editions that can be ordered directly by the reader). Methods and Theories in Magick (EN) is a Select Praxis Accompaniment to Occultosophia and is available from both Ridero and Amazon. Do ut Des!

The "Poetry and Gnomon" section introduces three little works of charming accentuation, "Stanzas from an Empire" is a selection of comments to the I-Ching (Princeton edition) written down by me during several sessions in a rock pub that used to be a brothel. The second piece is an attempt at writing brutish rhymes that I used to convey a personal key, a clavis, to Occultosophia, and it is worth reading for its raw and passionate ethos. The third piece, Fairy Tales for the Insane is a collection of various short writings and ponderings from the years 2013—2020 not included in the Occultosophia corporae.

In the "Blog" section, you may review short entries of recent and past writings in shorter forms. It covers both the English and Polish languages. Please do not be distraught by the fact that I publish a variety of things sometimes in one language, sometimes in the other; I’m not exactly bilingual, as English is my second language, which I love and care about to a great degree.

The "About" section is a word about my own self. I have a strange life; I could tell it to a group of grown men and they would think they had been on an adventure of a lifetime. Yet, I will take my stories to the grave, as silence is more noble than splattering one’s privacy all over the place. Autobiographies are either a vain attempt to prevent others from writing about what kind of bad people we were, or a circus of self-aggrandizement of otherwise dull lives.I can assure you that none of the most interesting people I've ever met had a biography or autobiography. Let's live it up for the celebrities and politicians; they'll need ghostwriters anyway, and acknowledging their lives is a waste of my time. I’m no better, yet I prefer to have my ideas in circulation, rather than my odd person. 

Finally, please don’t feel shy and use the "Contact" section. There is a dedicated email there so that the communication will run smoothly. Drop a few lines, I’ll gladly reply.

Thank you very much,

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