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Anarch’s mettle and metaphysics in the Age of the Master of the Flies.

Measure everything with ethos of golden ages as a reference frame and compare it to the present, stripping off all habituated falsehoods, and you’ll see one age of a monster, a faceless, disgusting mass of filth, a cacophony of wronged minds, quenched hearts and twisted souls, a rotten puppeteer that seduces more puppets to play on the strings of this ugly spectacle, it is not a Faustian civilization, it is not a Promethean civilization, it is a civilization in which a rotten corpse went vitriolic, while sustained, it looks like a cosmetically-fresh living flesh.

Among power politics, you merely have permitted amounts of freedom within the consensual frame. The yearly spectacle, the Panopticon, no runaways, no geniuses, no liberties. When individuals go beyond that, they are destroyed. It is not moving against the societal order, business as usual, it is discovering covert things, and exposing them in broad daylight that is a threat to power, YET exposing the mechanism of power is no longer defanging those engaged in it. It leaves the spectators unimpressed, they are accustomed to the spectacle and do nothing about it. It is a dangerous zone, in which networks of true and valid information are drowned in a bog of paranoid factoids, personal delusions, systems of false opinions, disinformation, infotainment, misinformation, under-education?. How can you differentiate, when opinion, not reason, preference, not education, whilism, not commitment, egotism, not responsibility are enthroned? Go beyond that and you’ll find yourself on unsafe ground in which no one trusts another, the delusional system of a society is seen as a norm, cry out, and you’ll be taken for another loony - there are plenty loonies already, you’re just another one.

If you don’t understand the power games, you are a mere dabbler, a worm that meddles in things, permitted amounts of unclawed dissidency are a mere token of appreciation for hapless victims. You won’t be a political target if you are blind, you are not a threat if you don’t undermine the status quo. Otherwise, if you know the mechanics and guts of power, who’s who, who’s who’s controller’, who’s who’s network, who’s on who’s payroll, who’s what’s wealth, who’s who’s ‘who you know’. Then you’re a potential threat, because you know; if you act upon that, you draw attention, if you draw attention, you’re bought in, pacified, discredited or killed. You are all subject to power, because you play the societal game of delusion. Try to cast the yoke off, you’ll clash with petty officers of power politics. Every state, every government was about transactions of power in which societies were the resource. Liberties were granted based on the share in power and slavery based on lack of holding such. The grand game that power upholds is based on sub-transactions of illusions and abstracts, when you convinced a prekaryot that he is rich, satisfied, or another person that he is effective, while he plays in disenfranchised virtualities, he constitutes a perfect slave, a living advertisement of power, his life, like his grave is meaningless, the most numerous is the family of the grave. It is all about creating and selling dreams, those who have no power to depose governments, are merely subservient to this power, as it bites deeper in easy, warm flesh.

As long as you preserve your freedoms, it does not concern you, enjoy the spectacle, when your mind, body, heart and soul will become infiltrated and enslaved, you will recognize the yoke. And it already was. Few understand it. Play along. If you can’t get power over human Minds, hearts and souls, you are a mere statistical event in the course of history. Try and understand that. Maybe that’s what you want to be, there is no fault in that. There is another point, that of ideas, that of ethos, another escape route, and that is that of resilience to the pigs of power of the modern day that of knowledge and act that of dissidence and engagement. Those that are remembered by the Gods, Are not the pigs of power, but those who proved themselves wielders of their ethos - whether they possess power or not. There is no excuse of disengagement other than that of inability. Carry on.

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