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Arcana Viridia - Poem I: Prunus serrulata - Kanzan

Kari o Katari - as once my darling questioned me in her dreams.

The fiend that possessed her was envious, I sought deeper meaning

To profound be in a poem, or to govern steel-handily.

I approached the cherry in order to take like a fool,

Resigned out of respect for an unknown force,

She, banished from her land, stood across the blocks of a faraway city

I was reminded of Koijiki, that epic written on behalf of the Empress

She allowed me to take from her gardens, as if in a silent embrace

I thieved her flower buds, her nectar and her flower petals,

Devoured them like an insane wolf in strictness of Doyōshō

Yet, she admitted me to that consensual, delicate rape.

Her sweet fragrance and taste filled me with aphrodisian silence,

Consecrated to Venus, honeylike equilibria of a gentle equipose

A vulgar mind tasting the generations of Kinyō Shō

A brute would be appeased, even if for a while!

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