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Ariadne severed her thread. Anarch’s Metaphysics as the last stand.

A logoi of a society, a civilization, a culture is similar to paradigm in science. It is an interwoven set of theories and praxia that together constitute a paideic order. Paradigms in science change more often than the logoi of a culture and the continuity and coherence of a society depends on the latter. ​ An example may be a dance called “hormos” peformed by girls and boys together in ancient Greece. The dance resembled a string of beads, boys’ steps were later used in battle, girls’ steps had more decorum, but the whole dance was woven into a meaningful whole that encircled projected fates of life and death, each “bead” was a cultural unit of some kind, that was interconnected with the rest of the patterned whole of the culture, education and ethos of a given society. ​ It is not possible to create such a structure synthetically, it grows organically like a garden of many beautiful greeneries over time and is knowns as tradition, a concept called “Li” in ancient China would suit the purpose. Every destruction of the pattern is damaging the delicate entropy of the organized whole and leads to a devastating disease of the mind, heart and soul. ​ No longer is a “hormos” performed and no longer it is necessary, in the age of dying logos, when even the most resilient Eastern schools are corrupted and destroyed by the onslaught of postmodern tartarism. The beads, the patterns and orders and thrown into disarray. Some attempt to rush to collect the beads from the jaws of the crawling time, and weave their own, but by and by it is a personal endeavor — that of a metaphysical anarch. Civilizationally-generated mental diseases follow the splinters of the noosphere into chaotically warrying factions, if we should even care, all are moves are strangled by the modus operandi of the current state of affairs. ​ Yet, we are all in need of co-ordinates, something referentially still, so each faction invests itself into one or another personality cult of mongrels, deluded pockets of belief-systems, one or another political system, that weave their own tale of ignoramuses, enchanting the masses with their flawed and misfired projections generated in castles of illusions built on the cadavers of the mob that is in love with the grand effect of the construction from their corpses. ​ It is a civilization that is lost in a Labyrinth seeking or running away from the Minotaur — but he’s nowhere to be found, he long abandoned the maze. It is a civilization that cut the Ariadne’s thread because it “knew better” believing that severing the past vector and replacing it with progress — not technological progress — but social logia devaluation will liberate it. It enslaved it, just like Judeo-Christianity enslaved and captured human spirit of high antique, so modernity abolished pretense of Judeo-Christianity that paved a way to atheology of nihilism through its illogical doctrinairy stiffness, to ethics and morality, and replaced with relativist biotechnoinformational chaosmos, at least in the West. From perspective of god-making, heroisation or redeification, from the perspective of pneumatology, it is a tragedy. Biomass deprived of soul or ignorant of ascenscion rituals makes perfect slaves, because when you take their liberty away it has nowhere to turn to, apart from the hands that feed its living corpse. Ultimately, even psychologically speaking, ultimate reference of one’s own godhood makes us indestructible, when it is enfleshed in reality, it makes as gods. One may argue that blind ideology and religious extremism works in the same way, let us not play in the dirt of fundamentalists, but emerge subtle and strong, moderate and perseverant — duration is the key word here, it is not love or compassion that should be extended, they’re on fumes, but personal responsibility and commitment that should be taught. We can’t reconstruct what is lost, but at least we may try to extend the lever, like Archmides, to make the task easier and lift more with less effort.

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