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Jurisprudence: Metaphysics of Laws

A fool endowed with all the divine and infernal techniques of magic is nevertheless an impotent one. It is the inexperienced magicians who are dangerous to themselves and others. If they are inexperienced, they are like a child with matches that can throw them into the gasoline and destroy their mind, heart and soul. The difference is in magical potency, the first has almost none and it will take a lifetime to train one, the second has been equipped since his first breath on earth, and lo and behold, everything works! Man's nature is what it is, it can be trained to the utmost perfection or to the greatest mischief. Evil intentions, jealous looks, lust for trifles or nobility in grandeur, magic is subject to the passions of an unsuspecting magician. He must be trained, he must be serious and self-controlled, he must learn to act like a craftsman.

Otherwise he is a mere mess and will be quickly pacified, used, abused, distributed, vivisected and annulled to his regret, despair and sorrow. Fortunately, potency in magic requires training even for a magician, and abuse of the art dilutes the possibilities of effective action. Effective potency is directly proportional to excellent training, and chaos and confusion are inversely proportional to the effectiveness of magic.

There are indeed metaphysical laws inherent in the cosmos, the order, the embellishment, from which one can derive one's behavior, virtue, and ethos in the land of men, having discovered them by means of great, penetrating insight into a-historical causality in a co-emerging, coherent whole, through experience, memorization, insight, wisdom, realization, and the ability to relate these reference points and systems of measure to the world as a whole.

Universalism and hypermoralism threaten here, but these metaphysical laws should be discovered through patient observation of the movement of celestial bodies, of disincarnate divine intelligences, of inspiration by muses, of observation of nature and its laws, and of the great vision of humanity integrated through individuation in proportion, ratio, to the most refined harmonies of spirit, soul, mind, body and heart.

When divinities are discovered, everything else unfolds like a rose. We must follow their teachings in an open, great, noble, embracing, reverent mind, with a studious, balanced, discerning understanding, precise and critical on the intellectual level, deeply feeling on the pneumatic level, without allowing excesses on the emotional level, having a strong and great heart, keep our body healthy to prolong the art of life, but not for the sake of the flesh, like some idiots who wanted to discover the secret of immortality in the flesh to pursue the spiritual arts, forgetting that the spiritual arts can be realized by a talented youth under the right circumstances.

Ultimately, it is the best humanity that can be discovered, guided by Heaven, each one for himself, according to his nature and what he can realize in himself. All chaos tries to deny the objective rules and lives on the delusion that there are none. No one can cheat the universal occult machinery, the laws of the cosmos and the rules of the game. Either you play along or you destroy the chessboard and give in to the illusion that you have won anything of value.

What is most rewarding is precisely the fact that no one can cheat the Divine Game, that our attempts are remarkable, that even if our enemies hinder our movements and destroy parts of our works, they put more effort into destroying our monuments left behind by the loss of their own power and commitment. Do not waste your time on such fools, as the old Arab proverb says, "Dogs bark, the caravan moves on." Those who persevere will still succeed.

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