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Methods in Magick IV: Synergetic Projection

Each purposeful magical thought, the voces magicae, the description by execution, leaves a subtle imprint in the environment, on the objects, the bodies, the genius loci and its space, the entities, the souls, and changes the subtle worlds in a minute way. The energy follows the focus, and the fixation and the gaze increase the focus. This concentration can be focused on a single point, distributed on several subjects, or encompass everything. The more it is distributed, the more it gradually diminishes, although the training of increasing concentration on a large sphere of "ten thousand things" should gradually improve concentration on a single point, as should samadhi when all phenomena and "ten thousand things" are dropped on the spot. To explain this phenomenon, one would have to resort to optics and channel-modulated ray theory, psionics and aetheric hologram projection, i.e. the mind projects aetheric vibrations on the wave-function and gives form and synergetic qualities to the hologram, it is similar to the ancient auto-phaneia, or the self-revealing of Gods in which a manifest essence of their totality becomes visible to the Isiac, Eleusiac mystes and seer. On the other hand, a fixed gaze with a dead stare (as in witchcraft) is inferior to the fixed gaze of a potent mind that has its eyes everywhere.

The trained imagination can produce any miracle, illusion, or subtle-material object of a magician that is superimposed anywhere in the world. We can leave notes on objects, people, places, on skin, on spiritual layers, on "thin air" (I personally like to leave neon-like astral notes in the air), on souls, entities and invisible planes. They are our personal signatures that, along with the art of mnemonics, can recall information in specific detail, leave an "I was here" mark, leave signs for others, or provide information about a specific thing. We can bless, consecrate or curse and desecrate a specific area, place, person, object, etc. I will devote a separate chapter to the making and programming of artifacts, talismans, rings, amulets, scrying stones, black mirrors, etc. With personal effort and with the help of higher deities, middle intelligences and benevolent and malevolent beings.

Any physical object can be charged with corrupted energy, be it the clothes we wear and the median of our emotional and intellectual states associated with our "second skin", be it our body and the resulting posthumous corpse that can have properties that affect us, be it a magical armor and the body of the gods as the carrier of our spirit, be it a tattoo programmed and ritualized with a magical intention on a living person. They work with analogia entiis and not with similia similibus or sympathetic magic.

Sympathetic magic is rather crude and ineffective. To find an analogy and similarity of being, an inner law must be grasped by both, and moreover, proportions and ratios must be synchronized for a given operation and moment. It is not enough to create a voodoo doll of an enemy, it must be properly constructed on the psychomagic level: to bind the right target; to hit the target; to hit the right target where it pleases us, etc. Otherwise, we either resort to ineffective actions, harm ourselves, or inflict harm on a random person. Either way, our intent can often be carried out by a malevolent entity or disarmed by a protective entity, which I will call a co-traveler to our and other magical actions.

We can construct sigils from scratch (sigils), perform various ciphering and masking operations on a sigil, or use visual permutations, glitching, and noise to apply computational "demonology," e.g., take a chaotic oscillator circuit drawing and convert the graphic drawing into sound, then convert the sound into numerical values and bifurcate further. The question of whether it loses its original value and transforms into something else lies in the art of keying, i.e. finding the right patterns in the aetheric realms affected by the translation of mechanical and digital signals from electronic devices into astral causal chains. It is very similar to the art of naturalistic magic, which I prefer as a biomant, but on additional "tech drugs". For naturalistic magic is more effective in high magic and anything pneumatic, while computer magic is more effective in low magic and cyber magic, such as succubae that harvest sexual energy of others and are connected to pornographic exciters, or cause disruptions in information systems. The latter is more effective in the world of manipulating low desires, dreams and hunger, so the world at large of today, the former arts, high magic is a voice of dissent and liberation of anarchs from modern chaos. In fact, in this way, the gods favor the Anarchs, who would be priest-mages in the past, over the priest-theologians of the present, who would be a slime pit of foul gibberish in the old days.

The noise in the etheric realm is a definite obstacle to getting a meaningful picture and performing the necessary operations. There are many operators and just as many astral background noises generated by the living and the subtle. The art of capturing a pattern and amplifying it to create an effect is an art in itself. As an officer from CIA said in the 1950s when hiring black magicians for dark operations, "Magic sometimes works, radionics always works." Therefore, instead of relying on random hits, some agencies have resorted to technical support, developing computerized psionic cybernetics, psychotronics, regular network-based psychological warfare and social engineering, etc. As for the unhired non-whores, un-prostituted lone wolves, "pirates, invaders, and other insubordinate antichrists," less sophisticated techniques must be developed to survive and pursue their own goals.

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