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Methods in Magick VII: Scrying, Consecration, Artifact Creation

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own talisman, amulet, or other artifact that performs its function as desired? We know them mostly from games and movies, but it is pop culture that took inspiration from the real things and turned them into consumer fetishes, not the other way around. I would like to share with you some methods that I have used with relative success. I detest charlatans who sell such things to others, they have no value, or at best you have an uncontrollable entity or a messed up focus of the creator of such things. Procure your own best, either high quality jewelry (which does not have to be expensive as long as the materials are right), or make it yourself. Avoid used things unless you know something about the owner. A grandmother's ring or jewelry kept in the family is useful, but you are also working with the owner's energy. Personally, I prefer to order items and catharsise them properly before consecration.

The law is that of synthesis, i.e., correlation of the correct, compatible or complementary dimensional frequency or higher capable of redirecting the entity or energy. The same law applies to excorcisms, about which I will write a separate chapter later. Hence, the correlation of an external entity greater than or similar to the overwhelmed, trapped entity to command it. Another methord is to change the "riverbed" so that the focus directs the entity or energy into the given object. Nature likes to hide, but the notion that "nature hates contradictions" does not apply to the subtle world. Sometimes two opposite polarities can try to magnetize each other, that is, the nature that goes against your innate qualities and ethos can force your mind, emotions and soul to do the same. Especially, if it is envious and jealous, it must try to reflect in you. A contradictory nature oft cannot tolerate superiority, and superiority is defeated by making us similar to the antagonist and making us inferior on its own ground, according to its own rules. Similarly, followers of exclusive religions have to convert others. They abhor the idea that they could be wrong and want everyone to be the same to compensate for their own ineptness to be anything other than a blindfaithed person. Similarly, a homosexual turned tyrant would want everyone to be homosexual in their narcissism that contradicts nature. Laws to destroy excesses and superficialities should be based on the center, on reasonable grounds. Bigotry or extremism of any kind should not be tolerated, least of all you want it to spread and end up affecting you and those close to you. What breaks you absorbs you, you have to fight upright and stand your ground, otherwise you are not like a strong mortal, but depending on how many persons or entities will try to lure you into theirs, you may end up as a spineless, unstable, hysterical, psychotic, crazy idiot or a scripted extension of another's will. Know yourself! Perfect yourself in wise, responsible individuation!

Consecration was a process of integration into the divine realm by the will of the gods or men themselves. "Consecrated objects were believed to be either divine property or to be in some relationship with God, thus sharing in His supernatural substance and energy" (Thesaurus Cultus et Rituum Antiquorum). Consecration was a transfer of the object into the realm of the deities, for res sacra, dedication are something else, the act was similar to the offering of objects to the divine and the transfer from the profane (touched by men) to the sacred (belonging to the divine).

We can consecrate objects with our own soul by using the prana focus and programming them with intentions according to the syntax of creating servitors. We simply create a procession (from, to) desires, wishes, intentions, motives, a syntax of intellectual-emotional, purely intellectual or purely instinctive vasanized (ethos-influenced) prana and endow it with the object of choice. There are middlepersons of this process, for some external currents, streams, and entities may interact with the process, accidentally or intentionally, to enhance our will, thwart it, or turn it completely against the original intent. One can work directly with such entities to amplify a blessed or cursed object, depending on the purpose. How is it blessed or cursed? Think of it as a set of instructions that set in motion scripts and processes that are read from the "other side" and have their own qualities. A hateful Mars war talisman worn by an unstable sensitive may cause acute anxiety symptoms or random outbursts of manic behavior in public and cause nasty synchronicities. Moreover, the wearer of such a talisman may combine the energies of his own energy network, soul and mind complexes, and thus be amplified or abused by multiple entities from the other side. In the city we never work in the void, we cannot afford to create impenetrable vaults as in Lhag Thog traditions in Tibet. People carry around a lot of mental garbage, stress, frustration, destructive passions and emotions, nervousness, anxiety, so stabilizing one's mind is extremely important. Entities can bless or curse certain objects out of their own will.

I once consecrated a Saturnine onyx dodecahedron embedded in silver in the burning fire of the Sun and an angeli bonum, a good lady of the other side appeared and kissed it for a blessing. More advanced techniques required study of planetary natures, horary astrology (with reserve), and ceremonial magic, the sigils and seals of particular entities and traditions. The laws and rules of "drawing down the moon" are similar.

The other part is clairvoyance, which almost always involves the capture of an entity or an image of it for preconceived purposes. The nature of the objects used for such purposes, such as the structure of crystals and mirrors and their chemical properties that resonate with a particular dimension, are often found in magical correspondences, but insofar as they are useful, never trust them. After all, they are made by humans and it is a gamble that they will not resist the allure of inaccuracy or downright fantasy and imprecision because they want to accomplish it. For example, John Dee's Enochian Tablet is not properly deciphered because people forgot that there is a letter Th "Thof" in the Elizabethan alphabet, which messes up the whole gematric cipher used by today's ceremonial magicians working in this tradition. Another example is Sir Isaac Newton, who claimed to have deciphered the Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis. He did not know the language and interpreted it poetically, whereas we now know that it was written in Samarian, a Semitic alphabet, in about the 7th to 6th centuries before modern times, and that it was a curse tablet intended to destroy Egypt. Always test things, you can start with correspondences, but do not be blind.

Scrying is not only a means of imprisonment, divination (e.g. when a being is scried into a black mirror), but also of preservation - of memories, of scenes, magickal knowledge etc. It can also provide a shelter for spirits that are not imprisoned, but can stay in the objects and leave them at will. In this case it is similar to bionic statues and objects where a deity inhabits an image in self-manifestation, it is present and inhabits the statue or withdraws its essence and the object becomes desacralized, i.e. normal, profane.

Powerful artifacts attract attention. I once ordered a lapis lazuli stone embedded in pure silver and consecrated it with sacra drakontes, Aesculapian currents to protect it from malevolent influence. I was safely protected, but the amount of malevolent entities and less friendly shadows gathering around my person and taking possession of random people was tiring, so I threw the ring away into a public WC. Gods be merciful to the person who will find it. Sometimes it is better to use more subtle methods or magically go "naked" and without armor, this hardens the mind and after a while gains the respect of the other side. Malice and strength that torment you and cannot defeat you, may be won over with patience - dharmic methods. As long as it does not break your nature, you can call it a respectful achievement. But protection, even subtle apotropaic rituals and objects are better in this regard.

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