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Noosphere, Lecture (2019)

I'm an exhausted man, bear with me, they defeated me, but I was never defeated; understand the paradox. Bear every humiliation, deprivation, lie, slander, destruction, scheming, pain, suffering, disillusionment, brainwashing, indoctrination, breaking through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual torture, sedition, blackmail, threats, intimidations in front of your enemy, if you are exposed to him, as if you wouldn't have the slightest idea of his acts. Play insane if you must. Until you have retaliatory measures, and only cold blooded animals have deadly venom, you are helpless anyway. Employ yourself in building fortresses, underground tunnels, rallying new allies and escape routes behind his back, unnoticably, arrogance of superior inferior people is often blinding them to the realities of your soteria. It is better for the antagonist to acknowledge his superiority and your ignorance for the time you can't break his neck in half, than make him fear of your knowledge in every single move of his. Especially, if his is in a superior position to damage you, and you are in an open field.

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