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Opusculum Saturni

You mongrel! You think you accomplished anything! The ruthless, relentless toil of Gods in Opera Omnia is continuous, even if you pierced the fence, submersed in rivers of Tartarus, even if thy name, will and heart immortalized and your star signed glorious endeavors hidden in their strength and perseverance of Caducean rod, Herculean club, you have accomplished nothing, nothing! The great work ends with life and begins with death, rest thee on laurels? Be mocked, so you want to be another sage, another mage, your titles are dirt, your hierarchies are empty! You crawling traitor with mud in your eyes, self-serving to your petty attachments and vice! First the Gods, then Earth and nature, humans at the last. Kings are setting this proportion, wisemen nourish it! You cry for lost times and lands? Be like a king, incorporate it, be a shepard on behalf of the Gods! If you may not, don’t even pretend and busy yourself with your lots with dignity and humaness! Between Earth and Gods are sages made, between celestial vaults and great rivers of Acheron the woes and burdens written! If you haven’t been beaten like a dog, torn to shreds in mental turmoil and physical torment you were not made, how could you?

Dare think you are prepared for the transgressions of the planets, spheres, cosmos? Think again, the forces of cosmic mien are gargantuan and ruthless to trespassers, if your spirit is not forged into a diamond, you shall be splintered like wood and burned to ash in the majesty of the Sun and black fires beneath! Stay on Earth, keep to Earth, commit to Earth, how can you dream of stars if you didn’t even complete yourself as a man, a woman?! With head up in the stars and stench of your faeces beneath are you worthy? With roots in the stars, illuminate the Earth with your head, if you may! Commitment to the great work is in every move of art, science, inspiration, celebration, rite, commitment to the Divine, it is burning with the lightning of Zeus, it is strong-hearted like Echidna, it is conquering fear and lust, it is drawing from the teachings of the universe to interpret them into the motions of the world in eternal change, strife, war of elements, Eros knotting the whole throughout and throughout the binds of destinies and Moires.

Towering above your crooked self, until your mind and bodies refuse to serve you in Cytherea of Nature the Generatrix. You seek teachings? Be a master upon yourself, if you’re a fool, you will be another fool, deluded, ignorant, full of vice. Those with keen intelligence gather the dew of ancient teachings like nectar of flowers to blend it in a most splendid honey! Seek companions on the path, avoid flawed and false companies! How? Discern! In solitude gather strength, in company preserve the best in others. Those are few words, I uttered, no more, time to toil! I am both a monster and a holy man, a wretch and a noble devil, but the movements of my will and ethos are a testimony to my labors! Slandered from all directions, buried in lies, bite your bitter venom-like tongue coldly, pushed into religions of slaves, allure of skeptical sleep, of fake rest oppose them all by bypassing the path of most resistance, move swiftly and without detection! Stop fighting against your hells, walk through them unabashed with the hermit’s lantern in front of you! Oh, they have ways to conquer you, destroy you, bite into your flesh and mind! Be like a childe upon hells upon whom daemonic forces grin with cunning and curiosity, a friend to the Celestial Vaults. Idiot! Find yourself a knight? A valiant shining hero? Such idiots are turned into cowardly fanatics sooner than they think as the corset of evil catches them in a malignant embrace. Find enough steel to be deadly and mountain-like in cheer and tranquility, may the poisons of aversion, wrath, delusion, ignorance, self-grasping never grow into you, or the cloak of your darkness will be impenetrable as you drown in your sorrow and woe! The perversions and crimes roll through you?! Hahahah, you simply escaped civilization into primordiality, the greatest horror is a civilization through which beastiality speaks! That’s a test of natures, withstand it and sublimate it into refinement! Otherwise - be a criminal, a pervert, you’ve lost yourself! Be a civilized beast, starry-eyed, closely Divined, graced, and bloom into the stars. That is so!


A man walked into the temple of Saturn and demanded: "Give me all the gold you have". He was slayed, disentrailed, crucified and displayed on view, then quarterdrawned and burned to ash.

Another person, worried by the cruelty, asked the priest: "Why?".

The priest replied: "Because he wanted to have the gold, without dying for it."

The person asked: "Is he in Elysia, after all, you slayed him in most cruel of fashions".

The priest replied: "When dying for things you are not prepared for, your fates are most horrid".

The person asked again: "He wanted to be your acolyte".

The priest replied: "Those who are not entitled to pass the threshold, are shattered against the mortuaries of Saturn's rings".

The person asked one more time: "Why didn't you accept him?".

The priest replied: "To become an emperor and stay an emperor is a difficult task, sustenance of gold depends on continuous propitiation of the lead".

The person replied: "What is the gold?.

The priest took his mask off and turned out to be Marcus Aurelius, Aurelion Thrion: "My friend, to join the spheres of gold, you need conquer the malice of humanity, and you passed the ordeal, one head lost and decapitated, another worthy initiate saved, join us!".

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