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The wise man and the king.

There once was a man of excellent knowing whose prophesies, prognostications and magical activities reached the court of the king. The king, interested in his fame traveled with his retinue in order to greet the wiseman. Upon approaching him, he asked him: -”How is it that you know all these things?”.

The wiseman replied: “I observe what is beyond the beyond, and draw signs of heavens down to Earth in order to comprehend them”.

The king asked again: “What thou art, how do you know what are the signs and laws of heavens and how to interpret them into Earthly occurences, is it your study, your intuition, your knowledge?”

The wiseman replied: “I have only this answer: The laws of the Gods are impenetrable for the mortal, the sight is returned to intuition only when the artificer is whole, like a broken vessel, we attempt to meld ourselves, I speak heavens, yet I am a mortal, my foundations are in knowledge, yet my art comes from the Gods, I would ask the Gods if I could, but then I’d lose my art”.

The king asked: “Why, are you afraid to ask the Gods?”.

The wiseman replied: “What I have is not my possession, of would use I would be if I would have the knowledge of Gods, while being a mortal, I would be a lunatic rather, than a well-composed instrument pitched by the Gods, there are things hidden that are interpreted into this world, for their hiddenness is not a jealously guarded secret of the Gods, but a vessel that I am, I have my limits, if I would overflood, there would be no sense in my wisdom!”

The King asked: “Therefore, there are some laws that you know, can you tell me one?”

The wiseman replied: From an indivisible world, categories, from diversity within seamlessness, signs. Recognition of categories in motions is science, knowledge of signs in Heaven is art of potential that pours like golden milk into the vessel of the world, into worlds invisible and visible, cognizing a correct time, space and act is putting them together in an activity.

The King asked: “What advise would you give me regarding my kingdom?”

The wiseman replied: "Observe the motions of heavens, observe the laws of nature, observe your people, a wise king should know how to regulate the nectar flowing through his kingdom according to the laws of time. For heavens praise, for nature recognition, for people virtue. In this changing world to know the right proportions of harmonies in constant tension in order to resolve them wisely and to good effect you, king, require many skills, knowledge, but one binding: That of wise justice, for justice regulates harmonies."

The king asked: “But how should I incorporate all of these, without knowing the content of my motions?”

The wiseman replied: “The content is unimportant when the vessel is ready, in other words you know how to perform your duties in any situation, from a beggar to a king, you are at ease with heavens, and simple upon Earth”

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