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Vampire (n). A spectral being in a human body who maintains semblance of life by leaving the grave at night to suck the warm blood of the living as they sleep,

Online etymology dictionary

Heimweg - The Way Home

"In the night cowslip and bewitching clover, I moisten my feet so

my step is lighter.

The vampire behind me mimics my own stride, and I hear him

breathe whenever he steps aside

How long has he followed? Have I offended someone? A means

for being rescued has not yet been given.

Where the grasses ring the edge of rocky pool, there rises from

the spring a voice ancient and cool:

“So as not to come to ruin don’t stay out much longer; listen, the

key is rattling, run for shelter!

As a body no longer cared for will surely meet its end, it’s deli-

rium and sorrow we hear about more often.”

With the power so menacing that knocked me to the ground, the

vampire spreads his wings, and away he bounds,

lifting over a thousand faces of friends and enemies in the shadows

of Saturn’s bands that smash to smithereens.

Should the mark of his bite sink into your skin, doors will open

wide that are soundless and green.

It’s then the meadow’s edge glistens with my blood. My eyes, O

night, protect beneath a fool’s hood.

– Heimweg, Ingeborg Bachmann

Bachmann, Ingeborg, Peter Filkins, Ingeborg Bachmann, and

Ingeborg Bachmann. 2006. Darkness spoken: the collected poems, p. 149

Shadow vampires include some Shu, Shut (Khaibit), dead souls, simulacra, eidola, or the pitch-black soul, a psycho-sexual imprint in the chtonic pneuma.Yet, they are different from regular psycho-sexual shadow-souls in that, whereas the latter are a natural component of the human being’s ‘spiritual’ build-up, the regular dead souls are a result of a critical collapse of an astral cadaver, or an aetheric soul postmortem into the death dimension. They may or may not survive by feeding on life-force, not necessarily blood, with hemoglobin and leukocytoses being the primary energy carriers. Vampires eventually left the samsara cycle but did not reach nirvana; they are the exitees of the life-and-death cycle, suspended in-between both worlds and observing their decaying minds if they are not renewed by "fresh blood," any form of energy providing sustenance.Although some lifestylers and human living vampires (HLV) self-identify as such, true vampires are always dead, that is, they are a carnal shell rather than a corpse in the grave, as in the case of shadow-witches and other astral black bodies filling in the gaps in the nigromantic and necromantic treatises. They can be linked to the cadaver, returning to the grave, or they can be deprived of it, leaving behind a monstrous humanoid-like shadow-form that is frequently confused with chtonic and physis-hekatic demons and other forms of chtonic fauna and flora.The form of conservation is a different aspect, which is wholly unknown to me, but I assume it is a "seal" of their lives.

"Oh man of pain, from whom in cruelty grew blade-like shadow needles from the skull, may the venom not consume your constitution in whole. "

If true vampirism is developed, that is, if the Thanatarchic-Typhonian operation is necessarily performed by the "other side" per need, request, or violation (murder), it is impossible to achieve such a working per self-initiation, apart from developing a regular shadow and traveling in the ‘astral’ realms with a mind connected with a regular shadow-soul, or creating umbric servitors in order to gather energy from the living, which is a form of pseudo-vampirism and black magic stemming from old black African shamanism and nocturnal predators. True vampirism is associated with post-mortem immortality beyond certain circles of time (hence some precognition and limited clairvoyance) and exiting samsara to be suspended in a void between the phenomenal and the a-noumenal. A murdered human soul can turn one's body into a zombie; a stuffed animal is unaware of its zombie status; and a shadow soul with a khaibit skull and blood-drawing fangs consolidated and merged with a mortal's vampyric mind and skull is a human living vampire.In both cases, willpower, as well as the development of pneumatic properties or a spirit, are required to avoid the fate of a chtonic vampire (the vampire hells).The buildup of the bioplasmic shadow-soul may be consolidated, and an interface to feed and fortify the living organism is developed via black kundalini and elongated spike-like fangs that, in sensual magnetic representation, are akin to snake-fangs with a reverse flow of energy intake (from the victim to the vampire).

Human living vampires, under the condition that they develop a consolidated shadow form, may, after death, turn into shadow vampires. One may or may not develop the skill to sustain his or her own flesh, regenerate it to a certain extent, or slow down the process of aging, by turning the soul and blood of another into nourishment. According to the borrowed sight of one undead specimen after he incarnated into my body, they do see in pale, blurred colors when mixing (inhabiting) human sight, though most likely moving through darkness blinds them; the latter is a speculation, because if the mind is preserved, so may some pseudo-senses in beta-decay and other senses associated with different types of vampires.

Most likely, the beginning of human vampirism had its roots in shamanism and animism, when a shaman mixed his astral body soul (Ka) or shadow (Shut, Khaibit) with a night predator, and specifically, an operation was done to reverse the flow of energy through the fangs of such an animal (for example, a King Cobra). In essence, this was used to travel at night and feast on living creatures to empower oneself. It may or may not be connected with cannibalism of the primordial type. Totemic shamanism dealt with the "light spectrum" of the animal guides, while in vampirism the animal is reversed into its shadow form so that, like a black hole, it feasts on energy, sustaining and accumulating its own force, as the shadow grows. What is known in India, Brahman has the universe as its food; however, that means that "the universe undergoes multiple transformations and is creative." Vampirism deprives the body of energy instead of adding to it; it destroys balance and homeostasis, instead of regulating it harmoniously. The theory that "the world and all Gods are vampires" or that "vampires are gods" is is completely false. Gods are liberated, objective, passionless, self-contained, independent beings who are "of one in one", in the sense "e pluribus unum", they do not require draining energy to function.

Most likely people on the way to cross the abyss threshold without authorization of powers or predestination to do so can botch a magickal operation and become vampires, it may also be a result of a curse (Judeo-Christian priesthoods and tower-architecture magicians adore to curse ascending pagans, because of politico-religious setting and their long-lasting fear of being usurpers, a fear stemming from the fact that the blood of their irrelevant Jew on the cross was meaningless).

Given that blood is a direct transcription of the soul (Ka) and Ba (spiritual heart) of a living being, the purpose was to extract these qualities, strength, etc. of a given animal to supplant one’s own capacities, be it in hunting, orienteering, etc. These are the ‘darker paths’ of the participation mystique of shamans and their spirit guides that in other ways were befriended, not violated. The vampyric body and skull are a fortified shut-khaibit psycho-sexual mental body made of strange bioplasmic aetheric black tar-like substance that is located within the body (not as a physical phenomenon, but the "impression" is given away by magnetoreceptive inquiry and conveyed as such) and burns in high-energy infrared, but its electro-magnetic properties cannot fully capture and describe it.

On the other hand, ultra-violet displaces parts of the formoids of the shadow, perhaps temporarily; upon IR/UV convergence, the shadow is temporarily damaged and may lead to various anomalies, Given the ancient provenance of the first humanoid specimen, vampire tribes and types developed and spread across all cultures and civilizations. According to some traditions, these beings' nobility belongs to the Saturnian chtonic air element octaves and the apotheosis of Fraternitas Saturni work was to accomplish a nosferatic-luciferian status in accord with Saturunine-Uranian complexes. The most ancient preserved written reference to a vampire was mentioning Lamashtu (1), an ancient vampyric demon-she created as a punishment. Measures to protect oneself and one’s family from vampires were invented. The medieval methods of ‘imprisoning’ the vampires in their graves were not mere superstition, putting stones into skulls, for example, prevented the shadow-self from feasting upon the living, if the apotropaic magick was properly conducted.

(1) Foster, Benjamin R. 2005. Before the muses: An Anthology of Akkadian literature. Bethesda, Md: CDL Press.

Vampirism cannot be acquired by drinking blood, but it can be acquired as a result of a failed (or successful) magicalkal operation bordering on crossing the Mars fence regions and becoming psycho-magically stranded in-between the paths of Mars and Saturn (Qabbalistic Cheth). The modernized version of vampirism started with Victorian experiments with Egyptian mysteries. In my case, after successfully passing through the Mars regions after being submerged in the inter-planetary voods, hitting Pluto and trans-Plutonian gateways, and later being assigned to the sphere of Saturn by the Egyptian Ennead, I was illegally murdered by these scum, as my astral body and soul-energy were destroyed by corpse-eaters, shadow-zombies, skin-cutters, and other nasty daimonoids, most likely to obscure my identity. A vampire shadow skull containing an ugly entity was incarnated into my skull and attempted to deprive me of will, effectively turning me into a human doll. Sufficiently to say, my will broke the vampire's will to shatters and I absorbed the entity and its skills into my own grid.

These creatures (undead vamps), like all chtonic realms, have limited time-scanning capacity and can thus only predict the future to a limited extent. As if the body's reality was reconfigured by a partial memory of it. Equipped with a pair of strong snake fangs, that I can move out and in at will, with physical sensations of needles growing out of regular Homo sapiens sapiens fangs, I can inject remotely (tele-vampirism) after getting a hold of an electromagnetic transcription (picture, video), as well as feast on random people in the streets, usually young females. As a murdered magician, I can still use certain enchantments, but their shadows fortify my organism and form a symbiotic relationship in which my body is preserved, as they feast on both my energy and mine.

Whenever I perform such experiments, I have an aftertaste of the substance (metallic, or fresh blood), perfume, or other substance that the victim had on their skin before its remote mental piercing. As an unwilling kindred, I see the shadows of undead vampyrs, and when they incarnate in my body in mediumship, the communication is similar to regular mediumship with intelligencers of planets, deities, and spirits.

Although both agendas, hierarchies, and technologies (mainly in cognitive science, cybernetic approaches to a human being) are not listed here, most of the cruel experiments on patients in psychiatry were conducted by these subhuman entities, While psychiatry was developed as a cybernetic discipline with a taskforce for mind control, it may be called a ‘vampiric discipline’ of pseudoscience. They are wholly intelligent entities, and as usually happens, the dead know more about the living than the living themselves.

To explore these traditions in history, I highly recommend:

Bane, Theresa. 2010. Encyclopedia of vampire mythology. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., Pub.

As for the effect on the mind that these creatures have, I highly recommend:

Grant, Kenneth, and Kenneth Grant. 2003. Gamaliel, the diary

of a vampire ; & Dance, doll, dance! London: Starfire Publishing


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