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Thank you for your interest in my work. I am always looking for new approaches to all projects, building on my previous experience. I prioritise the quality of my performance and make the work a serious, focused, yet easy and enjoyable effort. As a lifelong learner, I enjoy improving the breadth and scope of my skills and knowledge to work efficiently, enjoyably, and effortlessly. I studied in Aberystwyth, Wales and completed my Bsc Econ in International Politics and Intelligence Studies with distinction (2.1). After leaving the corporate world, I lead a minimalist life.


Services Offered:



* I offer translations, editing and proofreading between English and Polish.

* I can provide formal and academic translations as well as informal translations with technical language and make stylistic improvements in any subject (after becoming familiar with the jargon).

* The average price is 0.05 to 0.07 per word, depending on the difficulty of the subject, but prices are negotiable.



* Voice-overs

* Transcription and translation of old documents

* Localization of software and websites

* Short and long official and unofficial works and documents

* Translating interviews, short biographies, peer-reviewed journal articles

* And other forms of written or oral communication

* Translation of job descriptions

* Summary papers, executive papers

* Video-editing

 Having researched both academic topics and personal issues during my studies, I am happy to bring these skills to any contract.

* I use both library research (National Library of Poland), having access to several well-known academic journal aggregators, and other sources for personal data collection and processing in discipline-oriented and interdisciplinary knowledge processing and development.

* Depending on the context and needs, I create a document on a particular research area as needed

* Infographics, mindmaps, etc:

* Using data in a readable format, general research material, after reeiving instructions on the style and aesthetics of the project, I create a unique, non-reproducible work:

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